Inflight delight

How I wish I hadn’t raced around Geneva airport looking for lunch, when I could have gotten something as good (and cheaper) if I’d waited until we’d boarded. I thought I’d be the last person to write about the merits of inflight food – especially budget airline menu items. So, it was a pleasant surprise that the offerings on  Easy Jet were edible, affordable and even inspirational.

While the hot and cold sandwiches were enticing, my main excitement came with the Nakd branded Cocoa Orange bar in the Feel Good snack box. I’m usually wary of anything billed as gluten, wheat and dairy free, as it often means taste free too! I am so very happy to be wrong in this case – the cashew and date studded bar was outrageously delicious. And with the added bonus of the recipe all but written on the wrapper.

Here’s my take on the bar – I’d recommend doubling the recipe:

Toast 100 grams of raw cashew nuts. Cool, then roughly chop.

Gently heat 100 grams of chopped dates and 40 grams of sultanas in 2-3 tablespoons of orange juice (I squeezed an orange) until fruit is plump and mushy. Cool. (I can’t remember, but I think I may have also put in a bit of finely chopped orange rind.)

Blitz the cashews, cooled fruit mixture and 1 1/2-2 tablespoons of cocoa together until the mixture is well blended and the nuts are chopped but still visible.

At this point you can shape the mixture into a log (to cut into slices later or use on a cheese board).

Or press and roll onto a piece of edible rice paper. I then set aside in the fridge for a while before cutting into squares.

This was a winner with Master Two and his dad – so much so that I had to hide some pieces away at the back of the fridge in a container labelled ‘yeast’ so there was some left for me.

I’ve since found out that I’m not the first to discover this no added butter or sugar delight, after a friend called it ‘Vegetarian Brownie’. But I’m glad I finally have. Whatever you call it, it’s worth a try. I think next time I’ll use walnuts, some preserved ginger and perhaps some good quality chocolate. Yum, I know what I’ll be eating tonight!

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