Without guilt

I have friend who exudes positivity. She is the model for healthy, but not boring, living and her happiness is contagious. Friends like this are good for your soul.

What better to buy her for a birthday gift than a copy of My Petite Kitchen by the equally lovely Eleanor Ozich. Following on from my last post, Eleanor found she did need to make different food choices for her family due to eczema. She chronicled her journey via blog and facebook, then turned out a lovely cookbook. She now has a little café in Auckland, remaining true to her health principles. I don’t know Eleanor, but can’t help but like her. She also seems full of sunshine.

I’ll add here that of course I had to buy myself a copy of the cookbook too. And, am so glad I have. A friend of my aforementioned gorgeous friend suggested (a dozen times within in a couple of minutes) that we must all try the Lemon and Coconut Truffles in the book – who was I to argue with such a strong recommendation?

20140928_132930The words “delicious, healthy and truffles” are rarely seen in the same sentence. I’m happy to report they can be today. These are a guilt free treat and perfect for vegan friends (if made with oil rather than butter).

I’ve used Eleanor’s recipe, with a few tiny changes – the result is outstanding.

What you’ll need

80g coconut oil (or butter)

80g honey (the recipe called for 115g, but I thought I’d try with less)

100g coconut (I used coconut chips for texture, the recipe uses desiccated), plus extra desiccated for rolling

100g ground almonds (almond meal)

Zest of a lemon and 2-3 Tbsp of lemon juice (I didn’t measure, but I used about that amount!)

Splash vanilla essence (which I forgot to add, but Eleanor uses it – and, how can you go past divine vanilla?)

Pinch sea salt

How to make them

20140928_123427Measure the oil and honey into a bowl.

20140928_123701I used a stick blender to combine them as both were quite solid (my honey is from a friend’s hives). I wanted to loosen and combine the binding ingredients and then realised I could make the whole recipe with my trusty stick blender.

20140928_124203Mix in the other ingredients with the blender (or use a food processor, as Eleanor suggests).

20140928_124727Then give everything a final combine with a large spoon.

20140928_125135Put some desiccated coconut on to a plate and roll small balls  of the mixture in the coconut.

20140928_132918The recipe should make about 20 slightly smaller than table tennis ball sized truffles. I only got 16 from my batch, probably because it is the nicest mixture you’ll every try and I ate almost as much as I rolled. Store in the fridge.

I know I tend to rave how easy recipes are, but this one really really is. It is likely to become a firm favourite ‘go to’ when I have to take a plate somewhere.

And I think I’ll need two tubs of coconut oil – one for the bathroom, as the best eye make-up remover you’ve ever used, and one for the kitchen for these truffles.

Happy non-baking!

Find of the week

In something new, I’m going to add my “find of the week” to posts. This week, it is the best local bakery in Wellington: Baker Gramercy. Get yourself there early, they sell out quickly!

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