Dreaming of a white (chocolate) Christmas

In keeping with the Christmas theme, I ducked into one of the local supermarkets for their “specials night”. There’s no need to go into detail – you know what happened next (and my credit card certainly does).

They get you once you’re through fruit and veg with the towers of wine and champagne boxes. Let’s face it, who isn’t a sucker for champagne on special? Although, if we really took note of the blind wine tastings each year, we’d know that the bog standard Lindauer Brut scores well every time. It beats wines more than triple its price and rivals some champagnes. Did I buy any? Arrrrh, no. Why oh why do I get sucked in each time with the pretty French labels? And then go on to buy stuff I can probably get elsewhere for similar prices. Clever people those supermarket folk.

Now, back to the food and the second of my Christmas treats. One that would work nicely with a little bubbles alongside. White rocky road, as requested by my little sis.

The healthy living side of me keeps “meaning to” try some less sugar laden treats. And I will, I promise I will. But, in the meantime, this is another crowd pleaser that is easy to whip up.

What you’ll need

160g (2C) marshmallows, roughly chopped (I find scissors good for this)

120g turkish delight, roughly chopped (can use choc covered Turkish delight)

30g (1/3 C) toasted coconut threads

½ C nuts, eg. almonds, pistashios (or a mix) – toasted if you like (I use 40g pistashios)

40g (1/3 C) glace cherries or cranberries

220-250g white chocolate or melts

How to make it

Line a cake tin (about 27x17cm or 20x20cm) with baking paper.


Combine all ingredients except the chocolate.


Melt chocolate over simmering water (the old double boiler method works well).


Add the melted chocolate to the combined ingredients, mixing quickly to combine – the chocolate sets very quickly so you do have to move fast at this stage. Spread mixture into cake tin and refrigerate.


Cut when set and store in airtight container in fridge. I like to cut long ‘logs’ and wrap them in cellophane and ribbon to give away. And do wrap them before putting into the fridge or you will find yourself picking at the tray  (I may or may not be saying this from experience).

And, if you’re wondering and are Wellington based, New World Thorndon is running its Christmas night until 11.00 tonight. Just saying.

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