Relish the moment

“Mum, you don’t need to walk me to my class today”, said Master Five-and-a-half one day last week. Body blow.

Thankfully, between the school bag, reading, scooter and other bits, he realised that he did indeed need his ma. And, long may it last.

It got me thinking about all the stages that we’ve moved through, never to return. I didn’t think I’d miss sterilising and heating bottles, changing nappies, visiting Plunket, pulling a capsule in and out of the car, being home for sleep time, doing the kindy drop off, and so on. I was focussed on doing it “right” or quickly, that I forgot to enjoy some of those moments along the way. Lesson learnt. Now, I’m relishing the school drop offs because they too will be a thing of the past before I know it.

One of the things I’m sure won’t fade so quickly is the little guys love of “chicken with bone”. Being fond of rustic style cooking, I don’t think you can go past meat cooked bone in. Flavour is king.

Today’s recipe is one I’m cooking loads at the moment and is stacked with flavour. It is from the delightful Rachel Koo. Her The Little Paris Kitchen book is a firm favourite of mine.

20160120_163042What you’ll need

6-8 chicken thighs, bone in (the recipe calls for a jointed chicken, but use what you have at hand)


Freshly ground pepper


2 Tbsp dried culinary lavender

Splash olive oil

3 Tbsp runny honey


Zest and juice of one-two lemons

20160301_135606Note about lavender – while your regular garden variety lavender won’t kill you, it may not give you the flavour you are after. Chat to your garden store about types of lavender suitable to cook with or buy from your local specialty store. I get mine here. It’s worth getting some as you’ll find a load of uses for it and a little goes a long way (try lavender shortbread next).

How to make it

Crush the lavender (use a mortar and pestle or rolling pin).

20160301_140847Mix the lavender with the other ingredients. Pour the marinade over the chicken, ensuring it is well coated. I use a plastic bag and sort of “massage” the marinade into the meat before putting in the fridge for a few hours. I take the bag out of the fridge 20 minutes before I cook the chicken so it’s not fridge cold.

Heat oven to 200C.

20160121_170035Put the chicken and marinade into an oven dish, season with salt and pepper.

20160301_193008Cook for around 40 minutes or until ready (75C internal temperature or when juices run clear). Turn chicken half way through cooking.

20160121_175618Serve with salad and your favourite starch.

This tastes wonderful straight out of the oven and stunning the next day (just make sure you heat it through well before serving).

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